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    3. ABOUT US

      Shantou Towin Light Industry Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd. is a High-Tech enterprise of Guangdong Province, integrated with scientific research, manufacture and sales. Since its establishment over 20 years ago, the company has been dedicating itself in research and development of various kinds of dry offset printing machine, and has obtained many IPRs. Now our machines have been sold well in domestic market, and have been exported to scores of countries and regions in the world.

      With the philosophy of high professional standards and sincerity, we provide high quality service to our customers.


      We, Shantou Towin Light Industry Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd. declare that Shantou Sweet Road Industry And Trading CO.,LTD. is our export corperation.
      COLTAI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is one of our Agency in South America.

      Our Advantages

    4. Professional R&D team

      The innovative power behind the high-quality printing solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

    5. Printing solutions

      Every machine has strict design and manufacturing standards, so the quality of each machine is trustworthy.

    6. R&D and production strength

      High speed, low noise, high reliability and easy operation.

    7. Service & Support

      Always with professional spirit, honest attitude to provide quality services for the vast number of customers.

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